The FluoroGraphics of the Balkans. The first solo exhibition of Andrey Mozharovsky.


The FluoroGraphics of the Balkans.
The first solo exhibition of Andrey Mozharovsky.

Andrey Mozharovsky was born in Moscow. At the age of 35, he moved to Belgrade closer to Milorad Pavic's magical realism and atmosphere of Emir Kusturica's films. It let the artist rise from naive drawings and classic graphic design to acrylic fluorescent paintings.

The solo exhibition “The FluoroGraphics of the Balkans” displays the works that one may watch in any light including the so-called “black light”. You can see the paintings shining in the dark showing the Balkan landscapes, from the Serbian capital to the Tyrrhenian Sea, as dynamic and vibrant as the 21st century itself.

In Moscow, Andrey had two projects. The first was the “ProAfrica” African Culture Festival, and the second one was an illustrated album "Art.Trogatelno" (art.touchable) printed with the silk-screen printing techniques using different types of paper. Andrey says that the main result of his projects was the insight that everything was possible if one has a clear mind and a strong will.

Andrey gets inspiration from Van Gogh and Vrubel who could be considered as the psychedelic artist long before the times the term itself appeared.

Humphrey Osmond and Aldous Huxley introduced the term “psychedelic art” in the second half of the 20th century, but in fact, even some medieval artists sought inspiration in the depths of altered mental state.

Actually, “The FluoroGraphics of the Balkans” invites you to go off on a journey across the Balkan Peninsula and to the depths of your consciousness.

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